York Association of the National Trust  (YANT)


YANT does not have an office,  but is run by a committee of members from their homes.




To contact YANT,  please use one of the following email addresses...



For General Enquiries                  info@yant.org.uk


For Membership Enquiries           membership@yant.org.uk






To Contact a particular committee member....


Chairman - Roger King                             chair@yant.org.uk


Vice Chairman - Peter Denton                    vicechair@yant.org.uk


Secretary - Jean Haywood                          secretary@yant.org.uk 


Treasurer - Roger Mortimer                        treasurer@yant.org.uk


Membership - Elinor Bailey                         membership@yant.org.uk


Talks - Roger Armistead                            talks@yant.org.uk


Day trips  - Colin Sherwood                        trips@yant.org.uk 


Country Walks  - Alison Rutter                    walks@yant.org.uk


Holidays  -  Peter Drew                              holidays@yant.org.uk


Newsletter  -  Catherine Brophy                  newsletter@yant.org.uk


Social/Fundraising -  Christine Truman        social@yant.org.uk  


Website Admin. - Michael Morrow                 web@yant.org.uk

Contact us

Contact us          Tel. 01904 702402       Email. info@yant.org.uk


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